Always Ice Cream Company was founded by the owners of Annapolis Ice Cream Company. Annapolis Ice Cream Company has been the best of Annapolis, Maryland since 2004. After years of success, on the bustling main street of Annapolis, the little shop is ready to expand, rebranded as Always Ice Cream Company. We are creating the perfect combination of top quality homemade ice cream with the sleek, modern design that is taking the world by storm.

We were tired of seeing the same "old style ice cream parlor" and it is time to experience a new ice cream shop that is not only dedicated to top quality ice cream, but is dedicated to offering the best possible customer experience with modern colors and bright lights.

Always Ice Cream Company believes that ice cream should be made with only natural and simple ingredients. The best ice cream is that with as little preservatives, added sugars and added flavors as possible and that is what we are about. We want your mouth to taste the tartness of our key lime pie and the sweetness of our strawberry ice cream. You should be able to close your eyes and guess your flavor, 100% of the time.

The recipes that have been passed down from three families and over 25 years has become a way of life for the ice cream makers at Always Ice Cream. The prime example is how our famous apple pie ice cream is made. We make our homemade vanilla ice cream, and we add a full, freshly baked apple pie to the mix and then it is ready for your taste buds.

When you step into our stores you will get quality ice cream and you will experience an ice shop that you will never forget.