Always Ice Cream Company was founded by the owners of Annapolis Ice Cream Company. They have been voted Best of Annapolis, Maryland since 2004 and Best of Central Maryland 2022 & 23. 

Having spent years serving up joy on Annapolis' lively main street, our shop is now poised for growth, undergoing a transformation into the vibrant entity known as Always Ice Cream Company. We are meticulously crafting a harmonious blend of premium, homemade ice cream, and the cutting-edge allure of contemporary, sleek design

We grew tired of the ubiquitous "old-style ice cream parlor" and sought to introduce an entirely new ice cream experience – one that not only prioritizes top-tier ice cream but also elevates the customer experience through modern aesthetics and vibrant ambiance.

At Always Ice Cream Company, we firmly believe in crafting ice cream using only natural and uncomplicated ingredients. The essence of exceptional ice cream lies in minimizing preservatives, added sugars, and artificial flavors – a principle that underpins our ethos. We want every bite to embody the tang of our key lime pie and the sweetness of our strawberry ice cream. Your flavor experience should be unmistakable, each and every time.

Our recipes, spanning three generations and over 25 years, have evolved into a way of life for the artisans behind Always Ice Cream. An exemplar is our renowned apple pie ice cream: we start with our homemade vanilla ice cream, integrate a complete, freshly baked apple pie into the mix, and voilà – a treat fit for your taste buds.

Stepping into our stores guarantees not only delectable ice cream but an unforgettable ice cream parlor encounter that will leave an indelible mark.