Its where everything began

Our legacy store is Annapolis Ice Cream Company! Located on the historic main street you can enjoy our homemade ice cream and stroll down to Annapolis's beautiful waterfront. The store offers magical historical vibes with a slightly modern touch.....we could only wish our walls could talk! Stop by to enjoy the classic homemade ice cream that has been the best of Annapolis since 2004 and enjoy the state's capital and all its beauty. 

Hours of operation:

Monday 12- 9 PM
Tuesday 12 - 9 PM
Wednesday 12 - 9 PM
Thursday 12- 9 PM
Friday 12- 10 PM
Saturday 12- 10 PM
Sunday 12- 9 PM

196 Main Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
(443) 714 - 8674

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